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This definition is an attempt to define a revolutionary as a person, and is not a definition of revolution. There are many types of revolutions. There are fewer types of revolutionaries. This definition pertains to them.

A revolutionary is a person who believes that the socio-economic system as it exists cannot be fixed. A revolutionary believes in total change of the system. Each revolutionary has their own vision of what type of new system they wish to have, but none of them believe in the merits of the existing system. Some revolutionaries are committed to non-violence, and some are not. Some revolutionaries are actively working towards revolution and some are not. Some revolutionaries believe that a revolution is possible and some do not. The one thing that all revolutionaries believe is that the best thing for their country or socio-economic system is a complete change of the existing system. Therefore they tend not to believe in voting, social reform, electoral politics, petitions, and attempts to create changes through the legal and government system. They might participate in such things, and most revolutionaries do to some extent, but they do not believe that it will create sufficient change. A revolutionary believes that the government and the legal system is entirely corrupt and unsavable and that real progress will only occur with a total change of the socio-economic system.

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