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Capitalism is an economic system that is based on someone making profit from the work of others. If you hire someone to do a job for you and you collect more money for their work than you paid the worker, you are a capitalist. If you own a business and you hire someone to work alongside you, and pay them the same as what you made, you are still a capitalist because you still own the company or business. If you wish to have a business that does not exploit your workers then create a partnership, a collective, or a cooperative.

It also is credited with the origin of the nuclear family where family units were divided to create a demand for goods and services and to increase worker production. The nuclear family is defined as a married couple and their children. Prior to the nuclear family people lived in tribal cultures and extended families, which created far less demand for goods and services, and people tended to work within their own small family farms and businesses.

Capitalism is a system that is based on exploitation of a lower class. People work at jobs that are not satisfying in order to continue to provide for their nuclear family’s needs for goods and services. Middle class people often work in cubicle and desk jobs to maintain a certain quality of lifestyle and to stay in their white collar status assigned to their class group. Capitalism is dependent on a multi-tiered class structure which motivates people to maintain their class status. Capitalism cannot exist without poverty class and working class people at the bottom of the economic structure. A strongly motivated working class is needed to provide the labor and hard work of creating industry and infrastructure. Working class people are often paid as well as the middle class but have a lower status. This class structure motivates working class people to work hard at jobs that are dangerous, dirty, and often unrewarding, in order to provide their families with housing and lifestyles similar to that of the middle class people. Working class people are also motivated to work hard in fear of poverty and poverty class people. The capitalist system does not work without a poverty class. People will choose to work at jobs they dislike instead of facing being poor. Seeing the effects of poverty is an important part of keeping working class people providing the labor.

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