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July 2020 - Take the Plastic Free July Challenge!

Occupy Sonoma County is participating in Plastic Free July, and we urge everyone to join the challenge at where participants are counted and receive information on how to reduce plastic consumption.

Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. Single-use plastic bottles, bags, and takeout containers -- those used once and then discarded -- are made with a material that is designed to last forever. Adopting reusable shopping bags, regularly utilizing reusable coffee cups and water bottles, refusing plastic utensils, and avoiding prepackaged fruits and vegetables can make a difference. These habits avoid putting plastic in the landfill, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and protect the oceans.  

Participation can range from choosing to refuse a handful of items for a single day, refusing all plastic for the entire month, or anything in between. One simple action is to say no to plastic straws!  We ask that everyone make a habit of saying, “No straw, please” when ordering a beverage at a bar or restaurant. Plastic straws are often given automatically and are a serious threat to the environment. We ask that clubs and restaurants switch to paper straws or consider switching to glass or stainless steel straws.  

Every bit of plastic ever made still exists. Plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces that do not decompose becoming permanent pollution which is toxic to fish, wildlife and the environment. Recycling is not the solution to this problem. Plastic  that is recycled is typically downcycled into weaker products such as single-use bags that must be landfilled. 

For more information, subscribe to our weekly newsletter that includes information about plastic problems and solutions in every issue. Download our checksheet and information on how to join our campaign. You can also talk with us in person by coming to our next Earth Action Campaign meeting.

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