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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting - Agenda for 6/23/14

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547 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa   map

Please join our GMO Campaign meeting this Monday. We are working to oppose GMOs per our By mAny Means Necessary Campaign! Everyone is Welcome!

(please contact us to request additions/changes to this agenda)

  1. Allocate Meeting Tasks - (assign facilitator, notetaker, timekeeper, etc.)
    If you are a newly trained facilitator please consider facilitating this meeting with our support.
  2. Check-Ins & Introductions
  3. Welcome Newcomers & OSC Overview
    • Review OSC weekly meeting schedule and campaigns
    • Announce upcoming plans and OSC events
    • Review of hand signals and Objections Method consensus process if needed
  4. Agenda Review
    • Review agenda
    • Decide order and what to include
    • Set times for each topic
  5. Reports Back
    • What you have been working on
    • Tasks agreed to at last meeting
    • Review of OSC May 26 GMO event at Sebastopol Grange
    • Status of continued use of UU meeting space
    • ​Report on failure of SB 1381
    • GMOs in the News (Safe & Accurate Labeling Act of 2014 (HR 4432); Vermont GMO labeling law lawsuit, Oregon county measure to ban GMO planting; GMO-Free Sonoma County petitioning)
  6. Proposed Agenda Items
    • Bilingual GMO teach-in
    • Showing of GMO OMG
    • Other GMO teach-in ideas
    • Discuss future plans for the GMO Campaign

Click here for Notes from our last (April) Meeting


It would take 5% of US consumers asking for GMO-free to be the tipping point.
Monsanto's stock is declining. A clear sign of this occurred when the president of Whole Foods confessed that when a product becomes verified as Non-GMO or GMO-free, sales leap by 15-30 percent. Of all the categories of health and wellness claims, such as “gluten-free,” etc, “GMO-free” products have the most rapid growth in sales.

We can win this! Together we can stop GMOs.

Agenda Updated: 
06/20/2014 - 4:45pm

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