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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 01/25/16 (Public Version)

OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes
Monday, January 25, 2015
Peace & Justice Center

​8 people attended​

Newcomer ​I​ntroductions​:​

Meeting Times Reviewed:

  • 1st Monday of month at 7:15 pm: Media & Publicity
  • 2nd Monday of month at 7:30 pm: Monthly Meeting (decision-making)
  • 3rd Monday of month at 7:00 pm:  teach-ins and open date
  • 4th Monday of month at 7:00 pm:  GMO Campaign

​​​H​and ​S​ignals:

  • 1 finger- point of information
  • C figure- clarification needed
  • open hands together- point of process
  • twinkling fingers- silent ​applause​
  • thumb out- stand aside, (abstain from decision)
  • thumb up- agree
  • thumb down- against
  • rolling hands- rap it up
  • cross arms- block
  • hand behind ears- speak louder


  • 5/21/16; MAM event.
  • 3/21/16; 'Know Your Rights' teach-in.

Reports ​B​ack

  1. Will try to get ahold of  KOWS.
  2. ​getting together the updated flyer posting locations list​.
  3. Working on ​media contacts ​spreadsheet.  Signature gathering​ for GMO Free Sonoma County campaign.​
  4. Signature gathering.  Invited to speak on a Tuesday at KOWS, ''The Real Hippy Hour' from 2 to 4pm.
  5. Body ​Oppression video​ up soon on YouTube.  Working on check list.
  6. Built two redwood boxes of six ordered.  Needs more 2 x 6 or 2 x 12 redwood boards to finish order.  He uses recycled wood exclusively.
  7. ​I​n contact with coordinator of MAM.  Asked for graphics and press release in advance, correspondence, and help as needed.  Contact with Watertrough Children's Alliance.  Asked them to acknowledge two GMO groups.  Not giving comps to anyone. ​ ​We may have flyers on table.  The event is on Thursday.  Got announcement of March​ 21 Know Your Rights​ teach-in in the Peace Press.  Endorsed GMO Free Sonoma County signature campaign​ on their website​.  Wants to asterisk foods and companies on Heroes list most recommended.​  Has a new volunteer to help with shopper's guide research.
  8. Will reserve movie Consumed to play at theater in Ro​h​nert Park.  The movie is like a thriller involving GMOs.  Need people to commit to coming and pay ahead.​ 


  1. GMO Film Showing At Santa Rosa Creek Commons​
    2/15/16 at 7 pm showing Genetic Roulette. 
    Have ​facilitated ​discussion afterwards. 
    No passing the hat.
  2. Taqueria Letter Campaign
    Someone​ will write letter to ​t​aquerias.  Anyone who wants to can contribute. 
  3. Tag Team Letters To The Editor / Press Releases on GMO News
    ​Someone​ will write ​a ​200 word letter on GMO signature gathering​ campaign​. 
    Press release on the DARK Act.
  4. GMO Listserv
    W​e w​ant to engage people on ​the GMO ​listserv​ of​ 85 people.  Avoid too much information; no fundraising or petitions not endorsed by OSC. ​ ​If we want to endorse fundraising or petitions we agree as a group.  Keep criteria in mind when using listserv.  Want to engage and educate people, not push them to other groups or ask for money.  This topic needs further discussion.  No decisions were made.
  5. MAM
    • 2:00 pm meet at Courthouse Square if available or City Hall if CHS is not available.​  (Note: location is moving to Sebastopol).​  
    • Location and route- ​two people​ will put together.  Same route as last year with modifications as needed.​ (Note: a Sebastopol routes is under consideration).​
    • Goal:  education, informing public and media, opportunity for people to get involved; 400 cities in 53 countries marching​.​
    • Start Soon:  Permits​ - two people are​ handling.  Plants- ​three people are​ growing them. ​ ​Bring seeds on hand to next meeting.  Endorsements- Pull up letter used last year and update.  To get endorsements we might have to attend the meetings of the groups we want.  Veterans For Peace suggested.  Speakers- ​two people​ are in charge of finding speakers.  Welcome input from all.  ​We would l​ike to have Spanish-​speaking​ ​and ​bilingual​ speakers​.  ​A bilingual public speaker was​ suggested as emcee.  ​Email with suggestions.  Go to them in person and ask.  Let ​us​ know if you hear a good speaker.  Sound Equipment-  ​someone​ is coordinating this.  ​P​erformers may let us use theirs.  Displays-  ​two people​ will put together.  Other input welcome.  Educational displays.   Events- Take flyers to these when we go.  Flyering-  ​someone​ will coordinate.  Suggestion to make spiffy posters and post cards.  More effective to go back to bulletin boards and check regularly. 

End meeting 9:10 PM

Next GMO Campaign meeting: Mon, February 22, 7-9 PM; Peace & Justice Center

Meeting date: 
Lunes, Enero 25, 2016
Short Title: 
OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 01/25/16 (Public Version)
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