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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 09/22/14 (Public Version)

Meeting date: Mon, September 22, 2014, 7-9 PM at UUC

Attendance: 5 people attended: No new attendees.


  • : Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV GMO segment.
  • : Has been ill. Will report later on GMO activities.
  • : Watched documentary on bottled water and connection to Nestles.
  • : Nestles and other corporations disliked. Recommended Heirloom Festival
  • : Mostly revovered from being ill.


  • Add: GMO Glossary for web site
  • Add: Discussion of Progressive Festival
  • Order: Shortest first or pending GMO OMG


  • : Did printing of GMO slim flyer.
  • : Posting GMO petitions, etc and spoke to Sonic about access.
  • :  work on new saving bees letter and other literature for PF table. Updated mailing and press lists and coordinated them together. Passed on OSC logo design ideas to someone​ who is in contact with a graphic artist. Updated Peace Press calendar listings.  GMO Shoppers’ Guide will go into December PJC newsletter to coincide with it featured on our web site.
  • : Updated web site and ongoing calendar.
  • ​ ​: Met Greg Janes at Oakland Climate Change demo. Move to Amend getting larger.  Research on McKutcheon Ruling.  Finished, expanded GMO paper, which is being published on GMO web site (it is probably up by the time you read this).



  • Tabling at Progressive Festival (PF)
    • Can sell things at PF.  Possible selling of plants if there are plants available to sell. Sell plants as a donation to OSC. When someone asks the price sell them our GMO campaign and ask for a donation.
    • Samples from Food Heroes will be available and to be picked up. Someone​ will pick up samples and canopy prior to Sunday.
    • Box of tabling materials created​ and passed on​.
    • Someone​​ will help strike the booth and take home tabling materials.
  • Web Site
    • Passed out copies of a new GMO glossary
    • Discussed publishing non-OSC events (to be further duscussed at Monthly Meeting)
  • Bilingual Teach-In
    • Spanish DVD to consider called The Future Of Food.
  • GMO-themed pizza party
    • Tabled to next meeting. Possible idea for May such as March Against Monsanto event.
  • GMO OMG Film Showing Nov. 3 at UU
    • 2 people agreed to co-write the press release.
    • Set up a Titanpad for writing together online.
    • Previous press releases are also posted at the OSC Titanpad account
    • Someone will do the PSA and distribute both
    • Someone will look into finding a large movie screen
    • Someone will take care of the flyers. 1/4 sheet handbills for PF created for Heirloom Festival. Get these or print enough to have 500 at PF. Recommended half page flyer for posting on bulletin boards. Decide at PF if a new flyer design is needed. Discussed poster posting Flyer posting by everyone.
    • Set up and logistics to be discussed at next GMO meeting prior to event

Meeting ended at 9:20 PM.
Next GMO Campaign meeting: Monday, October 27 at UU.
Next OSC meeting: Media & Publicity, Monday, October 6 at Peace & Justice Center.

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Meeting date: 
Lunes, Septiembre 22, 2014
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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 09/22/14 (Public Version)
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