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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 06/23/14 (Public Version)

Meeting date: Mon, June 23, 2014, 7-9 PM at UU

Attendance: 4 people present

  • Personal check-ins, no newcomers
  • Report backs
    • 2 boxes of 6-packs, 3” and 4” pots have been donated to us for the plant sales
      No resolution of Sonic refusal issue, yet
      Printing GMO informational leaflets
    • Passes on GMO on-line petitions to OSC list server
    • Has been having trouble putting political ideologies glossary on web site
      Cleaning up web site
      Training a backup admin
      Updating web site
      New PDF of Shoppers’ Guide is posted on the web site
    • Free school teach-ins
      • OSC has put on 4 teach-ins in six months (Feb., April, May, and June)
      • More to come before the end of the year
      • A bi-lingual GMO teach-in is being planned - See agenda
      • ​We will do a teach-in on “Social Change Movement History” on January 26. Check for UUC, SR Social Hall us.
      • Two oppression teach-ins: one on Fat Oppression and one on Racism in Sonoma County
      • Possibility of getting GMO OMG film - See agenda
      • Political Ideologies Panel
        • Being planned together by the Free School for early next year
        • Looking for people to be on the panel to represent political ideologies.
        • Let us know if you have suggestions for the panel or if you would like to be on it
      • Two internal teach-ins:
        • June 30th - How To Write A Press Release at the PJC​ (Guests welcome)​
        • August 18th – Anti-Oppression within OSC at the EC​ (Internal OSC only)​
          Everyone in OSC is requested to attend both internal teach-ins
    •    March Against Monsanto event in May
      • Well attended with 40 people
      • Refer to Monthly Meeting notes for a full report​ (see below)​
    • Fundraising
      • Web hosting and printing costs have been covered by earnings from the plant sales at the MAM event and the Capitalism teach-in in April
      • 4 plant sales every year we will raise enough money to cover our group expenses
    • Shopper’s Guide
      • 60 new Food Heroes have been added to the online Shoppers Guide and were contacted
      • New product samples were sent to us for the MAM
      • Shopper’s Guide is being published in the next issue of the Peace Press
      • Additional ideas for teach-ins can be pitched to the Free School 


  • Bilingual GMO Teach-in
    A GMO film ​in English ​with Spanish subtitles is available, but we are encouraged to spread out a search for a GMO film in Spanish with English subtitles. We will find someone in the community who is bilingual to emcee this event. We are aiming for October or November. We need to find translating resources, as a group, to translate our flyers and information.  Also find GMO literature in Spanish.
  • GMO Film Showing
    S​omeone ​agreed​ to follow up.
  • No Meetings in July
    Summer break.
  • GMO themed pizza party
    • Use P&J Center, Community Market in Santa Rosa or Sebastopol
    • Cob oven either at CM in Santa Rosa or use ​a ​portable one
    • Fundraiser
    • Make and sell pizzas followed by a GMO film
    • This idea is still developing

Meeting ended at 9:15 PM.
Next GMO Campaign meeting: August 25 - No OSC meetings in July

​Evaluation of MAM event at Monthly Meeting:
Successful event!, ​had around 40 people, right amount of printing, great location, re-think paying $100 dollars, great doing something in Sebastopol, many new faces and many familiar faces: creating community-people are getting to know each other, seeing each other again, good food, seed bombs were a hit, plants were great.

Set up too many tables and chairs-decide how many chairs to set up ahead of time-specify to helpers this is what we agreed upon as a group.

​Barn dance was fun.  Not as many people interested in this as anticipated.​

Difficult to have it in one room too much happening in one room
​.  Community Wellness discussed last week that there was a comment made by a participant that was racist.​

People asking about the schedule-would have been good to have had it posted. Event checklist for every event.  No promotion of OSC? No fundraising pitch? what is happening?

Was not good to bring plants all down that day.

Too much happening in same space.

Extend set up time next time so we have more time.

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Meeting date: 
Lunes, Junio 23, 2014
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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 06/23/14 (Public Version)
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