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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 03/24/14 (Public Version)

Meeting date: Mon, March 24, 2014, 7-9 PM at UU

Attendance: 5 people including one newcomer. 2 people absent due to car trouble

  • Check ins and introductions

    Welcome newcomer - OSC overview of hand signals and objection method of consensus.

    Reviewed meeting schedule - 1st Monday usually via phone-media and publicity, and Monday is Monthly Meeting, 3rd Monday is Free School/Community Wellness (2nd and 3rd at Environmental Center of Sonoma County) 4th Monday is GMO Campaign meeting at UU.

  • Announcements:
    Getting Past Capitalism teach-in on April 14 6pm at Environmental Center. Free School/Community Wellness did not meet on its usual Monday night so a plan is in the works to meet on Monday March 31 as there are 5 Mondays this month.
  • Report backs
    • Teach-in attendance was exactly as expected at 50 people.
    • Each of us will do the same outreach we did to promote the February teach-in for Getting Past capitalism outreach in April. Everyone please repeat your promotion efforts for this next teach-in.
    • Plants and seedlings are needed to sell at the plant sales in April and May.
    • February teach-in video has been edited and posted on Youtube.  Radio show on KOWS Mondays from 12-2pm.  Working with our speaker on Getting Past Capitalism about details of April 14 event and will interview her on April 7. Also hoping to have someone from national Move To Amend on the radio on April 7th.  KOWS radio show will be posted on our website under the Free School.

Agenda Items

  • SB 1381 to Label GMOs in California
    Introduced by State Senator Noreen Evans: Senate bill is in committee in the state Senate and will hopefully make it out of committee for a full vote in the State Senate.  OSC will plan on doing support work for the State Senate bill if and when it gets out of committee.  This issue will be held over to next GMO meeting in April 2014.
  • Endorsement of GMO Free Sonoma County Initiative
    OSC unanimously endorses the GMO Free Ordinance to ban growing of GMO crops in Sonoma County.  We encourage activists to contact their specific Board of Supervisors to support voting on the measure, attend the press conference, and attend the Tuesday Board Of Supervisors meeting.
  • March Against Monsanto related event in May
    • Ask for a copy of OMG GMO movie from Label GMOs group for viewing.
    • Ask Label GMOs Sonoma County to co-sponsor event.
    • Someone suggested Court House Square or City Hall for an afternoon event.
    • Someone reported that last year a giant Eat-In outside Washington office of
      the FDA for March Against Monsanto.
    • Suggested Eat-in idea for people to bring some food to make a large pot of
      stew and a salad.
    • Ask Bauman college to co-sponsor event.
    • Have event on Sunday to support marches and actions on Saturday.
    • Ask Sebastopol Grange to sponsor and host event.
    • Have potluck meal at Sebastopol Grange.
    • Have Square Dance afterwards.
    • Day long or half day event of workshops about GMO's.
    • Discuss future plans for the GMO campaign.
    • Someone proposed tabling at Courthouse Square to promote these May events.


    • Have event at Sebastopol Grange on Monday May 26 (Memorial Day).
    • Show movie -GMO OMG, Genetic Roulette, or World According to Monsanto.
    • Plant sale and seed bombs.
    • Tipping Point discussion after movie.
    • Pot luck.
    • Square dance for one hour to end the event.
    • Ask for donations to raise funds for our group.  Have a tip jar for the caller and fiddler.  Attempt to get the Grange for free by asking them to co-sponsor the event.  We need to raise money at this event.
    • Show film from certain time, tipping point discussion, then potluck, and then square dance.
      Time: 3-8pm
      Name: Global Event Against Monsanto
    • Sunday was our first choice, Saturday second choice, but Monday is
      available and has been booked for our event.
    • Someone will attended the Grange meeting to run this idea by them at their meeting and will be attending their business meeting on 4/14 to request their co-sponsorship.  Someone will ask about OMG GMO film and co-sponsorship of this event.
    • Someone has a copy of Genetic Roulette and The World According To Monsanto so we have a back up film to show if we can't get OMG GMO.
    • Someone will contact SF Label GMOs group about their march.  Someone will send an email to our mailing list to promote the SF march.  If there is sufficient interest in Sonoma County people attending the march we might organize a bus to attend it.  PJC is a resource for organizing a bus to
      attend the march.

Meeting ended at 9 PM.
*Next GMO Campaign meeting Monday, April 28, 7-9 PM at UU.*
*Next OSC event: Getting Past Capitalism teach-in, Monday, April 14, 6-9 PM at Environmental Center.*

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Meeting date: 
Lunes, Marzo 24, 2014
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